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Did you know that one in five children have an undetected vision problem?

When you look at the way your students learn in the classroom - reading, writing and looking at the board or a computer screen - it’s easy to see that 80% of what we learn is through our eyes
When a child’s eyes aren’t working the way they should, learning can become increasingly difficult, and they can quickly fall behind. When this happens, a child can become frustrated and disruptive, or withdrawn and unwilling to participate in the classroom. Sound familiar?

Vision goes far beyond what we see.

With many parents unaware that vision problems go beyond needing glasses, and many children unable to explain why they have difficulty learning, it’s often not until a teacher like you identifies a problem that children get the help they need. 

But how do you know the signs to look out for?

Open your students’ eyes to a different future

To help you we’ve put together a checklist of the signs to keep an eye out for – many of which can look like symptoms of other behavioural conditions and learning disabilities. Plus you will also receive our seven part email series ‘An Eye for Disruption’ that delves into these signs in more detail.

Every day you shape minds and prepare students for their future. But by knowing and acting on the signs of potential vision problems, you have the power to change their future. 







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