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My child seems to skip lines when he reads and words or substitutes words when he reads


Why does this happen?

When eye movements are not accurate and your child’s eyes cannot follow smoothly, this leads to them skipping lines and words. 
Your child will often miss words as their eyes fall on the next word to where they are supposed to be looking. This also affects them when they are copying from the board as your child’s eyes do not point to where they are supposed too, so they can’t find where they are meant to be.
Both of these issues result in:
  • Poor comprehension
  • Taking longer time to do schoolwork and homework
  • Slow reading
  • Poor copying
  • Poor self-esteem
If your child has an issue with mistaking words with similar beginnings or substituting words such as for instead of from or was instead of saw this is additionally related to poor fixation and skipping words. The eyes do not fixate on the word properly and so it is not seen properly so it is guessed or an alternate word is substituted for this. 

How can this be helped?

Vision therapy works intensively on your child’s eye movements to change this. This then eradicates the skipping of lines, issues when copying mistaking words with similar beginnings or substituting words for another. One of the most important changes is that your child becomes more self-confident which is what we all want for our children.

Questions? Want to know more?

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