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School Screenings 

At Vision Potential we see first hand the effects that poor vision can have on your child's learning at school and at home. To help to prevent this, our Behavioural Optometrist offers on site school screenings at many schools to assess each child's eyes for signs of vision related learning issues and determine if a complete eye examination is required at our clinic. 

School screenings are a very effective way for a qualified professional to assess a large group of children in an organised environment and a benefit both student, parent and teacher alike. 

We are constantly alarmed by how many children who undergo the visual screening and do not pass. Without the screenings, these children may not have been diagnosed at all or, more worryingly, been misdiagnosed with some other disorder or learning problem!

Would you like a school screening but don't know where to start? Click here to download a sign up sheet and some information for your Principal or P&F organisation. 


How do the screenings work? 

The screenings are administered by a Behavioural Optometrist with many years of experience working with children and are painless and simple. The behavioural screening tests that are used are specifically designed to detect vision problems and as our practice completes each screening the statistics are staggering. For example, the last two schools that we attended had a 50% failure rate from a group of approximately 140 children. That is to say that half of the children screened showed symptoms that indicated they needed further testing.
Further testing includes a comprehensive eye examination at our clinic in Browns Plains. Book an initial consultation at our clinic by clicking here or calling (07) 3800 1988.

Information for parents - how to organise a screening

If you wish to have a screening at your child's school but they do not currently offer them you may wish to request this of your teachers, principal and P&C organisation. To assist you when requesting screenings you can download this document which includes some information about school screenings in addition to a signature sheet for you to print and obtain signatures from other parents to request a visual screening.

These behavioural screenings differ from more traditional screenings performed by the school nurse as they are a lot more in depth and are directly related to learning. Should you wish to have your childen tested outside of school screening we can also provide this for you.

We can ascertain if a vision problem exists and the best course of treatment for your child.

For more information about vision related learning problems you can see other parts of our website including frequently asked questions and information about vision therapy.


"I am a teacher, what can I do?"

If Vision Potential does not currently screen at your school we recommend that you discuss the option with your school principal. These behavioural screenings differ to the traditional screenings performed by other healthcare professionals as they are far more in depth and are directly related to learning. A boost in the quality of a students reading can also boost their engagement in class, help their confidence and assist progression in all areas of schooling. 

We conduct screenings at schools free of charge. For more information you can contact us here or call us on (07) 3800 1988.




We have current safety practices in place in accordance with Government regulations during this time of COVID 19.

We have currently shifted but are still providing eye testing for Glasses, treatment of red eye, contact lenses, reduced vision and Vision training.

We have shifted practice location but are still providing services to patients including:

  • Testing
  • Vision Training
  • Frames and lenses
  • General Eye health
  • Contact lenses

If you or members of your family are experiencing eyestrain due to the increase time on devices and computers or suffering sore eyes, red eyes or loss of vision please call as soon as possible.