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Need Safety Glasses? We can help!

Your vision is precious, get peace of mind with eye protection from Vision Potential at Browns Plains. At Vision Potential, we have a large selection of safety glasses to cater for all needs, activities and industries.

We measure and fit all types of fully certified safety lenses including:

  • Multifocal and progressives lenses
  • Extended focus and occupational 
  • Single vision lenses for reading or distance vision
  • Transition
  • Polarised 
  • Fit over safety glasses to wear over existing spectacles

Call us on 3800 1988 or contact us online today if you need:

  • Mining safety glasses
  • Construction safety glasses
  • Australia Post safety glasses
  • Industrial safety glasses
  • Welding safety glasses
  • And many more

We carry a range of stylish, safety certified brands from:

All safety glasses are Australian safety certified and meet Australian Standards AS/NZS 1337.1 and AS/NZS 1337.6.


  • Our aim is to develop safety eyewear which protects perfectly and allows perfect vision at the same time.
  • 90% of all workplace eye injuries can be prevented by wearing proper protective eyewear…
    Vision Potential provides the highest level of eye protection, while satisfying each individual's need for style and comfort.
  • We offer a highly comprehensive eye examination and provide a wide range to choose from.
  • Get YOUR prescription in certified safety specs from $199!
Need dust protection? We provide a large range of foam backed safety eyewear to cater for your needs




Prescription safety glasses prices start at $199 - Click here to contact us online or call 3800 1988


Our safety spectacles range

Bolle Boss Black

Bolle Drift Black

Bolle Metal

Bolle Skate Black

Bolle Tracker

Bolle Twister

C Safe Infinity Blue

C Safe Metal

C Safe Velocity

Eyres 605 Smoke

Eyres 708 Razor Clear

Eyres Bang Bang Gun

Eyres Blockbusta Clear

Eyres Foreman Black

Eyres Indulge Black

Eyres Metal

Eyres Oddie

Eyres Plasma Evo Pearl

Eyres Razor 702WF Black

Eyres Undercover Black

Matador Katalina Black

Matador Loco Black

Matador Mojo Black Red

Matador Rio Black Red

Ugly Fish Cannon Gloss Black

Ugly Fish Fame Black

Ugly Fish Robot Black

Ugly Fish Warhead Gloss Black

Questions? Want to know more?

Not sure what kind of prescription safety spectacles are best for you? Has it been some time since your last eye test? Our experienced staff can help you at our clinic in Browns Plains.

Click here to contact us online or call today on 3800 1988!


We have current safety practices in place in accordance with Government regulations during this time of COVID 19.

We have currently shifted but are still providing eye testing for Glasses, treatment of red eye, contact lenses, reduced vision and Vision training.

We have shifted practice location but are still providing services to patients including:

  • Testing
  • Vision Training
  • Frames and lenses
  • General Eye health
  • Contact lenses

If you or members of your family are experiencing eyestrain due to the increase time on devices and computers or suffering sore eyes, red eyes or loss of vision please call as soon as possible.