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Does your child get frustrated at reading?


Reading should be fun! Don't let uncorrected vision problems ruin books and reading for your child.

frustrated-reading-childIf your child often avoids reading or becomes frustrated/agitated when trying to read, they may be experiencing vision problems. It is very common for kids not to complain about these kinds of symptoms as they may not have experienced reading any other way! Here are some signs and symptoms caused by common vision problems.

Blurred vision when reading

This is a very common symptom that many kids fail to mention to their parents because they haven't tried to read any other way. As mums and dads, we can't fix what we don't know about! Good reading involves taking in 3 to 4 words at a time and recognising key words. If the print is blurry for your child, all the words will be too difficult to read and they will misinterpret sentences and words as they struggle to make out each word and link it together into a sentence.

They lose their place when reading/Skip words when reading

We can all understand why this one is frustrating. If you or your child loses their place while reading, not only it is very difficult to establish the story line or comprehend the meaning of the story being read, it also means you can end up reading the same spot over and over again.

Tilts head when reading/Closes on eye when reading

Our eyes and brain require equal information from each eye to read. When a vision problem interferes with this, it can cause us to tilt our head or close one eye to try to get a better view. If your child or yourself (if you are having problems) tilts their head or closes an eye when trying to read, that information is only going through one eye instead of two. This is a very ineffectual way to read and only makes reading problems worse and reading more challenging. 
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Print moving around the page

Often your child or yourself (if you suffer similarly) will find it difficult to concentrate on the words let alone comprehend the meaning of the words as they shift around the page. It's like trying to read while you try to run on a treadmill - far from easy.

"I don't want to read, reading is boring!"

bored-readingYour child finds reading boring as they have never gained the visual requirements to read well. If there is an eye teaming or eye focussing issue, then it is difficult to comprehend what is happening and enjoy the story as the eyes are working very hard just to keep the print clear. The can cause tired, strained eyes and headaches which makes reading unpleasant and something to be avoided. Your child doesn't have to struggle with reading - Vision Therapy can help.

Poor comprehension

This can most definitely be related to a vision problem. Most often all of your child's energy and concentration goes into just getting their eyes to show them a clear page of words and this means it becomes difficult to concentrate on the meaning of the story or information they are reading. This shouldn't be the case, using our eyes to read should be the easy part. Correcting your child's vision problems means that they can work on what they should be doing- comprehending the story and learning.

What can you do?

The best place to start for a child who is frustrated by reading is to have their eyes tested with a Behavioural Optometrist. Our Behavioural Optometrist performs a comprehensive eye check to asses vision and identify any vision problems. If there are vision problems present we offer a range of solutions including corrective lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, vision therapy and more.


These treatments are specifically designed to help your child master their vision and improve learning so that reading is no longer frustrating!


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