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Seeing is not always believing - Your child may be able to see the bottom of the eye chart, but still have a learning related vision problem.

By - Louella Varney (Optometric Masters and Vision Therapist)


Just like a doctor needs to inspect you thoroughly to understand if you are healthy or not, a quick use of the eye chart on your GP's office wall is not quite enough to establish if your child has vision problems.

That is not to say of course, that the eye chart is not useful, it certainly is, but the chart is not checking for learning related vision problems. This means that your child may see the bottom line of the chart but they still may have a learning related vision problem that goes unchecked and uncorrected. Children with learning related vision problems probably see better into the distance than you or appear to be able to see the letters or numbers when they are writing, reading or when solving maths problems. 

So, what is a learning related vision problem?

This is when your child's eyes do not:

• Team properly to concentrate to read

• Track properly or do not jump from one line to another (skips words or lines when reading)

• Point their eyes properly on the page (even though they look straight and doing this)

• Do not auto focus properly which is needed to do lots of reading and concentrating such as copying from the whiteboard

• Allow them to read for long periods due to poor eye muscle stamina resulting in eye fatigue

• Process the information that they look at


These sorts of issues may or may not effect their school grades and work, though school performance issues are a common sign that something may be wrong. Learning related vision problems can often be treated effectively and easily once detected (we perform a number of tests to determine if you child has a vision problem). However these vision problems can easily go unnoticed and untreated since children rarely complain specifically about their symptoms.

Only a qualified behavioural optometrist can determine if your child is having learning related vision problems, so just like a trip to the dentist or the GP, regular eye tests are important for your child's eye health.

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