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"My child sees better than me. My child doesn’t need vision therapy. There is nothing wrong with his/her vision"

kids-vision-therapyWhen you think about vision problems, you can often relate it to poor eyesight, squinting, struggling to read and needing glasses. So when your children can read a sign, play a video game and even complete a vision test, you don’t tend to think that there are any issues with their sight, but there can be.
Vision goes far beyond what we see. It incorporates how our brain receives visual messages, its ability to retain them and ultimately apply meaning to them. 
That is why our vision is so important and, when you look at the way your child learns in the classroom, by reading, writing, spelling, working on a computer and copying from the whiteboard, you can start to see how their performance is based on how well they gain, retain and comprehend the information they visually learn. 
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Dealing with vision problems from a child’s perspective

Often children we speak to don’t know the difference between normal and disrupted vision, or are too young to articulate what is happening, so they start to show other signs.
They get frustrated, easily lose their place when reading, complain of headaches, protest that reading or schoolwork “is boring” or “too hard”, they try to avoid it, and give up easily. They fall behind, sometimes far behind and can become frustrated and aggressive, or withdrawn and unwilling to participate. 
Struggling through class, they lose confidence and become an easy target for teasing and bullying. They can be labeled as not “trying hard enough” when really they are and their self-worth starts to suffer
Sadly this is the story of so many children we see, but it doesn’t have to be your child’s story.

The role of vision therapy

Your child may have at least one of the following: convergence insufficiency, strabismus (eye turn in or out), amblyopia (lazy eye) and oculomotor dysfunction (tracking problem). These vision problems can all affect how well we do at school. Vision therapy will treat these problems enabling your child to work on what he/she is supposed to do which is learning.
In vision therapy your child will be given tailored exercises to complete, which will start off easy and slowly progress to more challenging and complicated tasks. 

Within 4-5 weeks of vision therapy you will start to see your child:

  • Improve their comprehension, concentration and attention span when studying and listening
  • Have less headaches when they read
  • Be able to recognise letters and skip less words or lines of text when reading
  • Keep their eyes on the page to learn and stop getting closer to the page when they are reading
  • Complain less about copying from a whiteboard or another page
  • Stop tilting their head or covering one eye when they read or do their homework
And while vision therapy is improving their vision, you will also see it building their confidence, increasing their self worth, improving their ability to fit in and in many instances igniting a passion for learning and reading.

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