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Article published in Australian News Daily Bulletin:


Dr Louella Varney: Many kids struggle at school due to undiagnosed vision issues

About the Author

Louella Varney is founder of Vision Potential and an authority integrating Behavioural optometry and a child’s potential. She has spent the last 20 years helping children excel at school.

For more information and guidelines on Screen time for correct development of your child’s vision please click on this link or contact Vision Potential on 07 3800 1988

For more information: Guidelines on Screen time


















We have current safety practices in place in accordance with Government regulations during this time of COVID 19.

We have currently shifted but are still providing eye testing for Glasses, treatment of red eye, contact lenses, reduced vision and Vision training.

We have shifted practice location but are still providing services to patients including:

  • Testing
  • Vision Training
  • Frames and lenses
  • General Eye health
  • Contact lenses

If you or members of your family are experiencing eyestrain due to the increase time on devices and computers or suffering sore eyes, red eyes or loss of vision please call as soon as possible.