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1. What is a tracking problem?

The eyes do not follow the print accurately. This results in skipping words and lines, and having to re-read. This results in your child having to take much longer to read the text or not to be able to read at all.

2. I think my child has Dyslexia, can you help?

A lot of the symptoms of dyslexia are similar to symptoms of a vision eye coordination problem. Your child may have dyslexia or it maybe a vision disorder that requires treatment and training. Alternatively it may be a combination of both. Treating the vision disorder at Vision Potential will help your child as she/he will spend less time clearing blurry print as vision improves so your child can work more on their school work.

3. My child was doing well but recently his school work has dropped off, could this be related to his eyes?

Yes! This could certainly be a vision problem. Treatment at Vision Potential whether it be either glasses, vision training or both will assist the eyes.  Therefore your child can spend less time on their vision and more on the school work.

4. How long does a consultation go for?

A Consultation goes for 45 minutes for the first consultation, and the reviews afterwards are 30 minutes. We spend more time than most optometrists because we are more comprehensive in doing many different checks of the eyes.

5. Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral, all you need to bring is your medicare card. A questionnaire will be emailed to you in relation to your child. Please fill this out prior to you coming in for your childs appointment.