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"Help! My child has a turned eye or lazy eye..."

lazy-eye-in-children-treatmentIf you are looking for information about turned or lazy eyes in children, you are in the right place. 
As a behavioural optometrist, I will explain some common causes of a turned eye or lazy eye as well as some treatment options that may be available for your child to assist in correcting their eyes and vision.
Many parents approach us at the clinic concerned about their child's eye turn (also called Strabismus) or lazy eye (also called Amblyopia) and what may have caused it. These eye conditions can have many possible causes, however a few reasons can include:
• A large refractive error - if your child is very long sighted, very short sighted or has a high level of astigmatism this can result in a turned or lazy eye as the eyes and brain cannot overcome this amount of refractive error.
• Illness- Sometimes when your children have been ill, one of the eyes will turn in or become lazy
• Neurological changes in the brain. This one is far less common, however, very occasionally, a brain tumour can cause an eye turn or become lazy. 

Regardless of cause, if your child's eyes are turning or lazy it is important to book your child in for a comprehensive behavioural examination as soon as you notice the eye turn/laziness to asses the cause of this vision problem and receive the correct treatment. 
As an experienced optometrist, who has worked with childrens vision problems for a number of years, I use advanced techniques and equipment to asses your child's vision, determine the cause and recommend necessary treatment options. 

If my child’s eye turns or is lazy, why is it important to have it corrected or to make it straight?

While the eye is turned or lazy, information is only going through one eye to the brain and not stimulating as much the other side of the brain. For great learning at school, our children need equal information through both eyes. For good reading, our children need to be able to have the print stand out in a 3 dimensional way. If this is not occurring as it does in children without a turned or lazy eye, your child’s learning and concentration or engagement with school can suffer
In fact, children effected by these conditions have been known to have lower self-esteem, poorer eye hand coordination, a lack of depth perception (so they have difficulty judging distances or have to learn other ways to judge depth), are clumsy or bump into things and may have difficulty with sports and schoolwork. 
In particular, as a parent, a lazy eye (amblyopia) without the turn (Strabismus) can be very difficult to detect without correct testing. Our testing is comprehensive, so if your child is showing any of the above symptoms, then it is important to book in for a behavioural eye examination to determine the cause of these signs.

How can this be treated?

Treatment options include Glasses, Vision Therapy, Patching and Binasal Occlusion, all of which we can provide at our Browns Plains Optometry Clinic. Other options such as surgery are available, but only as a very last resort in the most extreme cases. 

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