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Childrens Eye Problems

Most parents assume that their child sees normally and are unaware that some of the behaviours that their child displays when learning at school can be directly linked to a vision problem. In particular, most kids do not complain about vision problems and as a result they go uncorrected. 

If you have noticed any of these behaviours in your child you should consider a consultation with us. You can book today by calling (07) 3800 1988 or by enquiring online.

Attention and vision problems

Vision and attention problems are often very much the same and overlap each other. A recent study revealed that children diagnosed with ADHD were 3 times more likely to have a vision problem.

Symptoms that are common to both ADD/ADHD and some learning related vision problems include:

  • Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities
  • Often avoids, dislikes or is reluctant to engage in tasks requiring sustained mental effort
  • Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes
  • Often has difficulty sustaining attention in activities
  • Often does not listen when spoken to directly
  • Often does not follow through on instructions or fails to finish work
  • Often distracted by stimuli
  • Often fidgets or squirms in seat
  • Often talks excessively
  • Often loses things

Learning and vision problems

It has been shown in studies that kids that are performing at the lower third of the class tend to have a high incidence of vision problems.

Slow to complete schoolwork

If your child is not focussing clearly on the print, they will tend to be spending a lot more time trying to make everything clear and thus schoolwork takes a lot longer to complete as time is taken on the eyes and not their schoolwork.

Poor handwriting

If your child has an eye aiming issue, they will tend not to write neatly as their eyes are pointed not at the place where the pencil and page meet but either too close or too far away.

Consistent reversals

A certain amount of reversals are normal up to the middle of Grade 2, however if your child is still displaying this sign, it can be linked with a vision problem.

Uses finger to keep place

This indicates an eye problem which is known as an eye tracking or eye movement problem.

Becomes frustrated at school, daydreams or becomes disruptive at school or home.

This is linked to vision. If your child cannot focus clearly or team, track or process information properly then it can be exhibited as being frustrated, or the child may become disruptive or switch off in the classroom.

Covers one eye when reads, or tilts head

Your child will cover one eye or tilt their head when it becomes too hard to team or focus the eyes properly.

Loses place when reading

This is a sign that your child has inaccurate tracking and eye aiming skills.

Performance has dropped off in schoolwork

If your child has been doing well at school and suddenly their performance has fallen off, this can be linked to an eye coordination problem.


Does your child experience any of these problems? If so, they should be examined by our Behavioural optometrist as in most cases these vision issues are easily treated.

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