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Behavioural Optometry

Our examinations are 45 minutes for children.

Our optometrist has gone through many years of research and qualifications to perform her optometry testing to determine if your child has a vision problem and how it can be fixed by our treatments that we offer.

Most parents think their child can see normally. They can see to watch tv or they can see to play and to use the computer. You point to a sign and the child can read. Or alternatively you ask your child is your vision blurry and they reply no. Most children unless they are older will never complain that their sight is blurry. So you as a parent feel there is nothing wrong with their vision.

However vision is a lot more than seeing a sign, being able to see the TV or play computer games or do assignments on the computer.

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We have current safety practices in place in accordance with Government regulations during this time of COVID 19.

We have currently shifted but are still providing eye testing for Glasses, treatment of red eye, contact lenses, reduced vision and Vision training.

We have shifted practice location but are still providing services to patients including:

  • Testing
  • Vision Training
  • Frames and lenses
  • General Eye health
  • Contact lenses

If you or members of your family are experiencing eyestrain due to the increase time on devices and computers or suffering sore eyes, red eyes or loss of vision please call as soon as possible.