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Vision Problems and ADHD in children

adhd-vison-therapyThe unique challenges often presented by a child with ADHD means that symptoms of vision problems are often missed. However, the facts are they are three times more likely to have a vision problem
“Unfortunately children have the diagnosis of ADHD and then they go undetected or the diagnosis of a vision problem is ignored while the family goes down the path of medications. I still agree that the child may require medications but vision problems can still be addressed." Louella Varney from Vision Potential, Behavioural Optometrists in Browns Plains, Qld says.
"This would go a long way to helping the child that has already been diagnosed with ADHD be able to team their eyes, focus and attend to thier school work, be able to copy words and letters from the whiteboard and be able to tell the difference between words with similar beginnings”.

Some Visual Issues that arise from Children diagnosed with ADHD are:

  • Poor tracking
  • Poor attention
  • Skipping words or lines
  • Unable to complete work
  • Confusing words with similar beginnings and many more.

How can these children be helped with these problems?

Louella Varney says “through a specific course of Vision Therapy designed for that child where the Vision Therapist works individually one on one with your child”. 

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