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Did you know that One in Five children have an undetected vision problem?


Did you know that 80-90% of what a child learns comes from what they see?

Unfortunately many children are not being seen at behavioural optometry practices. So they are being undiagnosed. Just having a child’s distance vision tested is not enough. The vision problem may still be undiagnosed! Parents should always be on the lookout for signs of a vision problem.

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What are the signs of a vision problem?

Behavioural optometrists conduct a thorough eye test on children.

Louella Varney from Behavioural Optometrist says that 90% of the children she examines see very well down the eye chart- however the children she examines still have a vision problem within the following areas. Specifically they may have an undetected:

  • Eye teaming disorder - Children need to be able to work their eyes evenly to converge and diverge. This is important as if this is disrupted they may see double of words on the page. This will lead to a head tilt or holding the book or page or ipad at very close working distances. What is alarming is your child thinks seeing double or blurry is normal and every other child sees the same.
  • Tracking problem - If your child is reading, they need to be able to read smoothly and then change from one line to another effortlessly without losing their spot and without needing their finger to keep their place. A tracking problem can slow their progress and learning down quite markedly. A tracking issue can also affect your child’s ability to copy from the board properly as they will continue to lose their place slowing them down compared to other children
  • Focus problem - What also causes a child to read slower than normal or have issues copying from the board is a focus problem where if the focus system doesn’t  work properly they may experience blurry vision when looking up and back or not focus in on the word properly.
  • Vision Processing issue - The information that our children take in through their eyes may not be visually processed properly or may not be integrated with other senses.
  • Muscle stamina issues or fatigue - Children who have low muscle stamina will not be able to concentrate for long periods or become distracted, or simple not perform to their potential. This will additionally hamper their progress at school.

Consequences of an undetected vision problem

It is very difficult for a child to know if what they see is normal or not or if it is the same as what the child beside them sees. So it is so important for a child to have the right tools for learning and their vision is actually crucial to that

Consequences of a vision problem, can be varied:

  • Low self-esteem and being bullied at school
  • Behind at school
  • Distracted and misbehaving in class
  • Your child feels that they are stupid
  • Suffer headaches
  • Sore eyes
  • Losing place when the read or skipping lines
  • Blurred vision after doing close work
  • Letter or word reversals
  • Mistaking words with similar beginnings or endings
  • Reduced comprehension
  • Not to forget the gifted child who could be much better
  • Poor memory
  • Can’t remember instructions

What is so wonderful is that these vision problems are treatable

Here at Vision Potential we treat lots of children with eye teaming, focus, tracking, losing their spot, visual processing and muscle stamina issues.

Your child need not suffer from these issues. We as parents want to ensure our children never get to this stage. At Vision Potential all these areas are focused on in vision therapy and improved to where they should be, so your child can go on to do what they are supposed to do which is learn  and concentrate and enjoy school.

Don’t make the mistake thinking that your child is okay

Your child may have had an eye test and can see the bottom line of the eye chart, or be performing fine at school. However your child may still be that one in five children that have an undiagnosed vision problem. Eye teaming, focusing, tracking, processing and muscle stamina are very important visual tools that every child needs to be working efficiently to be able to learn effectively and continue to learn efficiently. If these visual issues remain undetected, even though they may not appear to be affecting them now, they will eventually do so. The older your child becomes the more it could hamper them.  Even more concerning is that it is already affecting them and they are really suffering at school and as parents we may be unaware or this.

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