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Welcome to Vision Potential Browns Plains

At Vision Potential Browns Plains, we know that vision is a lot more than seeing the bottom line of the eye chart. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned in determining how your child can improve and reach their potential with learning at school, sport or day to day life. 

If your child is complaining of headaches, sore eyes or has problems reading, a Behavioural Optometrist can test their eyes to determine if they have vision problems. Many common vision problems can be addressed with Vision Therapy, supplemented with glasses as necessary.


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We understand that children with vision difficulties often struggle to keep up with their peers at school due to ineffective vision and this can result in huge gaps in learning and knowledge that impact their schooling for years to come. That is why, as a behavioural optometrist in Browns Plains we see many local school students and give them the confidence to achieve and learn just as they deserve to.

At Vision Potential we take the extra time during eye testing to thoroughly understand you or your childs needs so that we can provide the highest level of eye care available. From comprehensive eye exams, vision therapy, digital retinal photography, spectacle frames and lenses, specialist lenses or contact lenses, we provide it all within our practice. 

Our highly experienced optometrist, Louella Varney, is also supported by a passionate and dedicated team who assist in providing the exceptional level of care and attention to detail that Vision Potential Browns Plains is known for. From Spectacle Dispensing and fitting to Vision Therapy and more, our team are ready to assist you today. 

Would you like to know if we can help you or your child? Have you got a question? Why not submit an online enquiry or call us today on (07) 3800 1988 to speak with our staff today.





We have current safety practices in place in accordance with Government regulations during this time of COVID 19.

We have currently shifted but are still providing eye testing for Glasses, treatment of red eye, contact lenses, reduced vision and Vision training.

We have shifted practice location but are still providing services to patients including:

  • Testing
  • Vision Training
  • Frames and lenses
  • General Eye health
  • Contact lenses

If you or members of your family are experiencing eyestrain due to the increase time on devices and computers or suffering sore eyes, red eyes or loss of vision please call as soon as possible.